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The purchase of used containers and prefabricated structures in depo cantin is done under special conditions. In the past, containers and prefabricated structures, were only used for moving goods and products, but now, they have become one of the products that are used in a variety of ways. For instance, to creating shops, warehouses, guarding areas, short-term residential areas and etc. There are many reasons for using containers and prefabricated structures. Some of the more important ones are the cost reduction, the longevity and strength, flexibility, ease of production, purchase and use and portability. These containers and can be used for all types of businesses and needs.

All types of containers and sheds

There are different types of containers and prefabricated structures and they all have their own use and purpose. this feature makes them very popular. here you can see a list of various types of structures and containers that we can provide:                         

  • Office building structures
  • Luxury villa condos
  • Newspaper booth
  • The prayer hall structures
  • BTS Telecom Concourse structures
  • Labor kennel structures
  • Hall structures
  • Shopping mall
  • Recycle booth structures
  • Toilet structures
  • Relief shelter and emergency structures
  • Sandwich panel structures
  • Prefabricated house structures
  • Two-story condo structures
  • Multi-store building structures
  • Storage structures
  • workshop and worker’s sheds
  • Guard and security sheds
  • Residential and villa condos
  • Toilet and bathroom structures
  • Shopping and restaurant sheds
  • Newsstand and flower shop sheds
  • Watering shed
  • Workshop equipment
  • Warehouse structures

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