Frequently asked questions

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What services we provide in the field of containers and Prefab structures?

For more than 30 years, we have been continuously active in the field of buying and selling all kinds of Prefabs and containers, building all kinds of Prefab structures, repurposing containers, and also building project campsites.

What are the stages of buying and selling containers and Prefabs?

Buying and selling containers in this company is done in a completely specialized way and we have more than thirty years of experience in this work and in all these years we have maintained the best quality along with the lowest price.

How to buy and sell used containers and Prefabs?

Our the sales team first calculates the price according to the percentage of health and efficiency of the products. Then the warehousing classifies these products according to their specifications so that the buying and selling process can be done at a very high speed. You can contact us for more details.